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Getting Started with SportsEngine

Parents and Coaches, this gives you the basics on getting started with our website.


How do I reset my password for my SportsEngine Account

See how to reset your SportsEngine account password

How do I change or add a new email to my account in SportsEngine

See how to add a new email to your account (or change your primary one)


How do I send email messages in SportsEngine

Learn how to send messages on the IYHL website

Getting Mobile Notifications on the SportsEngine App

How to get notifications on your smartphone for messages, schedule changes, etc.

Adding additional contacts to get team updates

For adding those grandparents, family and friends who need to see team notifications for updates

Member dashboard

IYHL Member Dashboard

What is the Dashboard and why should I should use it?

Accessing Your Team on the SportsEngine App

How you can access your team information on the SportsEngine app.

Coaches/MANAGER's Help

Accessing Teamcenter for messaging or scheduling

See how to access Teamcenter to message the team or manage the schedule.

How can I add games or events to our schedule

See how to manage games on your team's schedule (with Board Approval)

How can I message my team through the Mobile App?

Send messages to your team through the mobile app