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Equipment Needed

Equipment FAQ

What equipment do I need for a new hockey player?

Skates – Purchase skates that will fit your child today with no more than ½” allowed for growth. Seek adequate protection in the ankle, toe and instep areas, improperly fitted skates will hamper your child’s ability to skate. 

Helmet –
 Must be of a design and construction approved by the Hockey Equipment Certification Council (HECC). Must be sized at the time of purchase to fit properly. The chin strap must always be fastened.

Facemask – Must be of a design and construction approved by the Hockey Equipment Certification Council (HECC).  Full facemasks are required for all youth players who participate in the IYHL.

Mouthpiece – Required for players in the 12 & Under (youth) and 8 & Under (girls) through Junior age classification. USA Hockey encourages players of all ages and ability levels to use a mouthpiece.

Stick – Length should generally extend from the ice to the players chin (with skates on) when holding the stick vertically.  When standing in tennis shoes (off the ice), a stick should extend to a player's nose. Quality and price differ greatly, so the choice is yours.

Shin Pads – Check for proper lengths so they protect the knee and skin completely.

Hockey Socks - Pull on over the shin pads and cover the entire leg

Supporter and Cup – Essential protective equipment.

Gloves – Check for proper fit with good finger and hand mobility.

Shoulder Pads – Adjust to fit the individual at the time of purchase. A fiber cap is extremely important in preventing shoulder separations and should extend to the tip of the shoulder.

Pants/Breezers – Held in proper position by suspenders. Pants provide protection for the lower spine, hips and thighs.

Elbow Pads – Properly fitted so they do not slide.

For goaltenders, special equipment is necessary such as gloves (catching and stick), chest and stomach protection, goalie skates (with protective shell), leg pads and shoulder and arm protectors. The goaltender’s equipment is especially important, so seek advice from a knowledgeable source.

Video on how to put the equipment on: